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Amadou Kane was with us


Amadou Kane is a 19 year old volunteer from Brooklyn, New York.  Amadou has traveled to Bosnia with Global Kids in 2013 through the American Youth Leadership Program.  With this experience he has traveled back on his own initiative in order to volunteer for CIM.   He is currently a sophmore at American University studying international […]

Breaking Walls, Building Bridges: Afghanistan Delegation


Last March, we hosted a group of religious leaders from Afghanistan through “Religious Actors for Peace”, an Norwegian Church Aid/Sanayee Development Organization projects supported by British Embassy in Kabul. The delegation in Sarajevo Accompanied by Mevludin and Vahidin, the delegation visited the Parliament at Sarajevo, where they were hosted by Mr. Senad Sepić. Professors Denan Karać and […]

Village Harmony is Coming!


CIM and its choir, Harmonija, are delighted to be co-hosting a camp with Village Harmony this summer! But, who and what is Village Harmony? In a nutshell, Village Harmony is an umbrella organization for programs worldwide that gather people together in song. With teachers specializing in everything from South African choral music to traditional polyphony of the Republic […]

CIM’s Peace Farm: A Project in Process


“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.” — Wendell Berry  Establishing places where people have the possibility to meet and learn from each other, regardless of their perceived differences, is the main task of our Organization as we journey towards a more peaceful […]

Last but Not Least… Tamara!

Tamara Banner

Tamara Cvetković is a 25-year-old volunteer who comes to us from Eastern Bosnia. She was born in Milići, close to Srebrenica and Zvornik. After studying in Bijeljina and Pale, Tamara completed a Master’s degree in pedagogy. Tamara is committed to enacting positive change in her home country. Last year, Tamara had a story of hers published as part of […]

New Volunteers: Oliver!

oliver photo

Slowly but surely, the volunteer office is filling up with new faces. Today we introduce Oliver Rogić, our new longterm volunteer who came from Germany to Sanski Most. He worked the last months in his sending organization Friedenskreis-Halle e.V (literally translated Peacecircle), helping them engage with peace in many ways. For example, he accompanied those from Bosnia who came […]

New Volunteers: Meet Selim!


Meet Selim Hadzic! Selim is a 19-year-old volunteer from Sarajevo. Having finished secondary school for locksmithing, Selim now hopes to travel to Germany or Austria with EVS. Selim loves animals, even more than he loves humans, and he has two dogs at home. He’s also excited about sports, especially water polo, which he played for […]

New Volunteers! Meet Norma Jean


CIM is excited to welcome four volunteers this month, hailing from near and far. The first: Norma Jean Haynes, from Cummington, Massachusetts! Norma Jean (you can call her Nerma if you must) will be with CIM for 3 months. Drawn to CIM by the Harmonija choir, Norma Jean is passionate about the role of creativity and traditional culture […]

Genocide Prevention Awareness Campaign


Project Background and Needs in our Local Community: Major demographic shifts in our area due to the war have directly impacted the education system in the region. Today, schools are primarily mono-ethnic. A Council of Europe (CoE) report has identified that a consequence of ethnic division and separation lies in the creation of mono-ethnic schools. […]

International Peace Week 2015 [Report]


[View the story “International Peace Week 2015” on Storify]

Peace Week 2015: Local and International Peace Advocacy


International Peace Week has been annually hosted by the Center for Peacebuilding since 2010, hence this year we mark the 6th anniversary of our peace activism project. This year is no exception to the previous years’ pattern, where, for a whole week, we mobilise our local community and international friends and supporters to campaign and […]

Peace Camp 2015


    Our annual peace training with youth from across Bosnia took place from the 22nd-29th August 2015. The camp brought together 18 participants from Visoko, Priboj, Brcko, Vitez, Travnik, Mostar, Prijedor, Buzim, Kresovo, Han Pijesak, Sarajevo, Bjelina, and Banja Luka. The programme included many workshops designed to facilitate personal transformation, to expand the participants’ […]

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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