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The Advanced Level Seminar of Dialogue Facilitation

As part of the #STaRBiH project, from December 18th to December 19th, the Advanced Level Seminar of Dialogue Facilitation is organized, where the trainers of this seminar are our Director Vahidin Omanovic and Dr. Paula Green. Seminar participants are volunteers and employees of partner organizations of this project. On the seminar Advanced level of dialogue […]

Peace Camp and Caravan

Center for Peacebuildung has organized from 1th to 14th of December a Peace Camp and Caravan. 25 young people from 10 municipalities/cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina were participants of the camp we held in Jahorina in Sarajevo. DAY 1 The Peace Camp officially started on the second of December. We introduced to the participants the […]

Local initiative in Jajce – Breaking prejudices – Celebrating differences

Yesterday Peace camp and caravan participants held a workshop called ”Breaking prejudices – celebrating differences” in Jajce. The participants learned more about their identities and prejudices and how they are fostered through upringing and formal education. They got familiar with the concept of peacebuilding and ongoing activities of the StaR project. #STaRBiH (Societal Transformation and […]

Local initiative in Sokolac – Why (not) Peace ?

On the 27th Octobar Milena Matić held a workshop called ”Why (not) peace? in Sokolac. This activity present a replica of the two-day activity organized in Banja Luka. Through some interesting workshops the youth has get knowledge about the concept of peacebuilding, the activities that are being implemented and ways to get involved in some […]

Presentation of the Bosnian Atlas of War Crimes 1992-1995

Today, the “Presentation of the Bosnian Atlas of War Crimes 1992-1995” was organized at the Hotel Asi, organized by the Research and Documentation Center (IDC) from Sarajevo, The Network for Peacebuilding, Center for Peacebuilding and ForumZFD BiH. The presentation was led by Mirsad Tokača, director of the Research and Documentation Center, after which Goran Bubalo […]

Local initiative in Stolac ”There are other ways to see Stolac”

Yesterday Amar Husnić, Peace camp and caravan participants has held a workshop called ”There are other ways to see – Stolac”. Through an intereseting game the youth has met. First, Blindfolded they met not knowing their names, religious affiliation or nationality. After they removed the ties, the participants disccused how they were feeling in this […]

Local initiative in Sarajevo ”Together in Sarajevo”

A two-day activity called ”Together in Sarajevo” by members of the Sarajevo team, participants of the Peace Camp and Caravan held in July this year, was completed on the 18th and 19th October. With participants from Sarajevo and Istočno Sarajevo a workshop was held about culture of dialogue. The lecturers was the director of Center […]

Call for participants

We are now calling for participants to our Peace camp and caravan in December, this will be an opportunity to gain peacebuilding experience, connect with other youth and see different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Youth from the territory of 10 municipalities / cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina covered by the STaR project (Velika Kladuša, […]

International interns & volunteers

Yesterday we welcomed our newest interns and volunteers and introduced them to our organisation. We showed them around the office and told them about our projects and the history of our organisation. After the introduction we had lunch together and said goodbye to our old volunteers, Sebastian and Naomi. We will miss You and hope […]

Local initiative in Velika Kladuša ”Paths of peace and friendships”

A two-day activity called “Paths of Peace and Friendship” by members of the Velika Kladuša team, participants of the Peace Camp and Caravan held in July this year, was completed on the 13th October During the first day, through a series of workshops, participants got to know each other better by talking about fears and […]

Local initiative in Doboj – ”Building peace – Building ourselves”

Peace Camp and Caravan participant Davor Cvijanovic held a workshop on the 5th October in Doboj called” Building peace – Building ourselves “. Together with participants from Doboj East, Doboj South and Doboj, he held a workshop in the American Corner where they talked about peacebuilding and why they chose the path of peacebuilding. The […]

Local initiative in Bijeljina ”Together for peace and friendship”

From the 4th October till the 7th the team from the Peace camp and caravan implemented an activity ”Together for peace and friendship”. Young people from Bijeljina, Velika Kladuša and Mostar had the opportunity to learn about the concept of peacebuilding and visit religious and cultural sites in Bijeljina, they also were drawing graffiti in […]

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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