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Floods in Sanski Most

poplava3 Dear friends, We would like to thank all of you for your messages of support following the horrible flooding in Sanski Most and in much of Bosnia. Your kind and encouraging words have given all of us here at CIM the strength to [...]

A challenging journey for a challenging cause

Nathan_s In September 2013, we asked our supporters and donors to help us raise funds for our Peace Camp by organising fundraisers for the GlobalGiving September Challenge. In total 4 people set up fundraisers on the website, and the first [...]

4th International Peace Week

sedmica2013 On September21st began yet another Peace Week dedicated to raise awareness of the need for peace-building in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. For this occasion, Center for Peacebuilding organized numerous events, [...]

Peace camp 2013

pc_2013_f For this Peace Camp, we managed to gather youth from Sarajevo, Zenica, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Cazin, Gorazde, Tuzla, Viskogo, Doboj. We also welcomed EVS volunteers from Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and two female participants [...]

Interreligious Ramadan dinner – iftar

ifar_2013 To celebrate Iftar together with people of Sanski Most, Center for peacebuilding organized a huge dinner in the location. Although the majority of guests were local, the event enjoyed participation of friends from other Bosnian [...]

Martina Dupáková, new EVS volunteer from Slovakia

martina panorama Martina has joined CIM as an EVS volunteer from the Slovak Republic. She previously studied at Central European University in Budapest, receiving a Master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies with a [...]

Térence Lecoq, a new Belgian EVS volunteer

terence panorama Térence has joined CIM as an EVS volunteer from Belgium. He is 24 years old.  He arrived in Sanski Most in May and will stay with us for one year. He studied at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), receiving a [...]

Melanie Dominski

melanie2 Melanie Dominski is the Program Manager at the Center for Peacebuilding.  Ms. Dominski comes to CIM with three years of experience working in the field of human rights. Before joining CIM, Ms. Dominski served as Program Officer [...]

One billion Rising

V-day_c Nearly 30 civil society organizations active in the area of ​​the entire country has realized the campaign One billlion Rising – a global campaign against violence against women and girls. Center for Peacebuilding wanted [...]

Jitka Máchová – Czech EVS at CIM

jitka3 Jitka is a 28 year old girl from Prague, the Czech Republic. She arrived this February and will stay with us till November. Jitka speaks Czech, English and some Swedish, and she is very keen on learning Bosnian language and [...]

Piotr Gruntmeyer – EVS volunteer

pio_m Piotr ‘Pijo’ Gruntmeyer is the first Polish volunteer in CIM. After joining in the beginning of February, he immediately felt like home. His Balkan fascination made him firmly prepared to live in Bosnia and his strong [...]

On the occasion of Orthodox Christmas

pravoslavni_s To celebrate Christmas, CIM organized an event in the Orthodox Church of Sanski Most. A joyful celebration was attended by the local religious leaders and the city’s mayor,  Dr. Mustafa Avdagić.         [...]