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Pre Ramadan Concert 2015

11639504_854047701315727_986009090_o To celebrate the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, we hosted a  concert with two choirs led by choirmaster Alma Karabeg, Harmonija and Melodi, in the small park in Sanski Most on the 15th of June 2015. The main Imam of [...]

The Role of Women in Conflict : Movie Screening And Discussion

Gdje Idemo Sada On June 11, 2015,  CIM hosted a movie screening and discussion of the Lebanese film “Where Do We Go Now ?” (Arabic : w halla’ la wayn, French : Et maintenant, on va où) by Nadine Labaki. The event was held by [...]

Establishment of Sanski Most Interreligious Council

11100283_829356450451519_728540176_o On the 14th of April 2015, CIM hosted its 4th conference on interreligious dialogue. In partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the topic of  this meeting was ‘Women’s rights in holy books’. Sanski Most’s head imam [...]

Festival of Choirs

18010_870662249656584_6429669548225179595_n The festival of choirs was organized by the Center for Peacebuilding on April 11 at Hotel Sanus in Sanski Most. Ten women’s and mixed choirs from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina performed at the event. Apart from our choir [...]

Inter-religious Conferences 2014

unnamed During autumn 2014 together with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, CIM held a series of 3 inter religious conferences, where four of the local religious leaders (Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic) presented their view on the topics of [...]

68 000 people emigrated from Bosnia and Herzegovina only in the past year

11015312_10153075231798444_620201421_n 68 000 people left Bosnia and Herzegovina only last year in search of a better life in Croatia and Serbia, as well as in France, the United States and Scandinavia. This is just part of the data released in the document [...]

Mapping Community Needs through Storytelling

1508614_708024705920340_386784694434938991_n In 2014, CIM partnered with GlobalGiving to undertake a storytelling collection project. The aim of the project is flexible for each organisation, though the overall intention is to help organisation like us, listen to our [...]

CIM wins Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Award

peacedirect Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders is an annual competition organised by UK-based Peace Direct. The organisation supports local, grassroots peacebuilding efforts all around the world. In their work they are guided by local ownership [...]

Introducing Léa, our new French EVS Volunteer

cimphoto (1) I am Léa Saugier, I come from a village in the French Southern Alps and I will be volunteer in CIM until August 2015.   I have a Bachelor degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Lyon 2 and I am now looking forward [...]

Our first EVS volunteer from Germany-Daniel Seeger

IMG_4701 Daniel is our new EVS- volunteer from Hamburg, Germany and he’ll be working at CIM until summer 2015. After finishing school, Daniel decided to do a voluntary service abroad, so he moved to Sanski Most.  Daniel’s tasks in [...]

5th International Peace Week (2014)

10703695_761711713884972_9099281992234910081_n From Saturday the 13th to Thursday the 18th of September the 5th international Peace Week was hosted by CIM in Sanski Most. With film screenings, concerts and several other activities CIM tried to raise awareness for the need of [...]

Peace Camp 2014

1546038_752908148098662_1370503059024967470_n Peace Camp is a project that has been conducted ever since the year CIM was founded. So this year we were very glad to be able to invite youth of different backgrounds from all over Bosnia again to come together and learn about [...]