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Peace Camp and Peace Caravan 2019

Center for Peacebuilding invites you to apply for the CIM’s Peace Camp, which will be held in Sanski Most (Peace Farm) and will last for 7 days after which the participants will attend to the Peace Caravan – a five-day long trip through the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Youth from the territory of 10 […]

Days of interreligious dialogue

This year  “Days of interreligious  dialogue” were held in the week between December 17th  and 20, 2018. The event is organised for the third time and has gathered more than 280 people from  Sanski Most and surrounding municipalities. Traditionally, interreligious dialogue has been organized trough activity “Coffee with Interreligious council” with religious leaders of three […]

CIM’s 9th International Peace Week

The International Peace Week is an event held in the Sanski Most for the 9th consecutive year in the organization of the Center for Peacebuilding Sanski Most. This year’s Peace week was held from September 16 to 21 in Sanski Most and gathered as young people from Sanski Most and our guests from BiH and […]

Village harmony 2018

From 26th June to 4th July in 2018, CIM hosted the group Village Harmony from the United States. For the fourth year in a row, the Village Harmony from the United States of America, thanks to Center for Peacebuilding of Sanski Most, is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they with songs try to build bridges […]

Ramadan dinner on the farm

As this has become already an established tradition in the past few years, also this year Center for Peacebuilding organized an Ramadan dinner for all citizens in Sanski Most. In order to celebrate the Ramadan dinner together with all the citizens of Sanski Most, no matter of their religious affiliation. Ramadan dinner was present at […]

Genocide prevention in primary and high school

Center for peace building implemened project where 31 professors from primary and high school had workshops on topic „Prevention of Genocide in Primary and High School.“ After workshops, center for peace building organised a competition in which students competed with literary and visual works, videos and photographs on the topic “Building Peace and Reconciliation, Tolerance […]

Inter-faith Dialogue Days

In December we held a manifestation “Inter-faith Dialogue Days”, which is becoming another traditional activity of the Center for Peacebuilding. This year, as part of the event, CIM Directors held lectures in Sarajevo as well as a meeting with the President of the Jewish Community in BiH, Jakob Finci. The Inter-Religion Choir “Harmonija” and the […]

Study visit of Afghan scholars to Bosnia and Herzegovina

From 16 to 24 December, under sponsorship of the British Government, the Center for Peacebuilding hosted a study visit of 25 Afghan scholars who want to work on peacebuilding in their own country. The struggle of the Bosnian society against violent extremism was a topic that the CIM directors educated guests. During the visit guests […]

“Break the Stigma” Campaign

The Center for Peacebuilding is part of an informal group that  launched a campaign called “Break the stigma”, with the support of UNFPA, to destigmatize victims of sexual violence in the war. The UNFPA study on stigmatization has shown that survivors are condemned, rejected, and stigmatized at all social levels, with direct consequences on self-perception, […]

Amélie Métel: The Challenge of Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina 22 years after the Dayton Peace Agreement

    The article is a work by a French student Amélie Métel who spent 2 and a half months as a intern at the Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most.   THE FALL OF YUGOSLAVIA AND CURRENT CONTEXT To the economic crisis experienced by Yugoslavia at the end of the 70s is added the […]

Village Harmony 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Village Harmony is pleased to announce its fourth camp in Bosnia and Hercegovina in a unique collaboration with the Center for Peacebuilding in the town of Sanski Most. The Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) has been working for over a decade in Bosnia with the motto “Naš Put Je Mir” (“Our way ws peace”) in a […]

CIM on Re:generation project

Center for Peacebuilding works in partnership with The International Republican Institute and Magacin Kabare on project called Re:generation which is a new USAID project that strives to motivate and ecourage new generations of young people to create new and better future for all of them. Within the project, The Youth Sammit was held recently and […]

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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