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CIM TEAM On August - 20 - 2014


On the 18th of July during the fasting month Ramadan we held our 4th Interreligious Iftar that is open to everyone no matter of what religious and ethnic background.

Iftar is the daily ceremony where friends and relatives come together to break fasting after the end of the day and the start of the night. The aim of the Interreligious Iftar is to increase understanding and to strengthen the ties between the different religious groups in Sanski Most and in Bosnia in general.

This year the Iftar was held the fourth time and the number of people participating increased again. Apart from members of the local community there were also staff of the US Embassy, our guests from Global Kids, three international researchers, and our volunteers. Around 400 people joined in total. Thanks to all people who contributed by donating and made it possible for the Interreligious Iftar to take place this year again!




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