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In 2018, Timka Omanović continued with acting lessons for 22 theater members from the ages of six to ten. In 2018, “Life” held 6 performances, four in Sanski Most and two in Prijedor. The first was held in April in Sanski Most during the “Genocide Prevention Week,” organized by the Center for Peacebuilding. The performance was entitled “Red Riding Hood: from the Wolf’s Perspective,” and its main message was that we must listen to both sides, and only then can we discern who might be in the wrong. The same show was performed on September 21st at the Peace Farm “Garden of Possibilities,” where guests enjoyed the show outside in nature. Then, in Sanski Most and Prijedor in the month of Ramadan (CIM’s pre-Ramadan concert, and the pre-Ramadan concert of KUD’s “Osman Džafić”), students performed the play “Mogul, Hanko, Prenoćiti,” and performed it again in July as part of the “Večernja Prijateljstva” event organized by KUD “Osman Džafić” from Prijedor. Finally, on December 20th, 2018 in Sanski Most, the theater concluded its performances with the CIM’s traditional Christmas concert and the plays “Christmas Story” and “Christmas Decoration.”

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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