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CIM TEAM On July - 3 - 2017
We are proud to announce that the CIM team has added seven additional employees, such as Tamara Cvetković, Bojana Buzić, Elvira Adžikić, Boris Lovrinović, Stefan Terzić, Strahinja Savić and Erol Mehmedović.
These new employees are regional coordinators within the new CIM’s National Reconciliation and Peace Building Program, which will start working to identify and map groups, organizations and individuals from all levels and spheres of society in BiH dedicated to peace and reconciliation as well as the prevention of genocide in our country.
In this regard, CIM directors held a training seminar last week in Sanski Most where the coordinators elaborated in detail on the future steps within this project. The training session focused on teaching the coordinators about the program, what they would be coordinating as well as education on reconciliation, peace building and genocide prevention.
In the next few months, they will visit all 143 municipalities in BiH in order to gather relevant information and will establish databases with all relevant people, groups, institutions and organizations in the field of peace building.
No individual or NGO has attempted to make a network like this before in Bosnia, so this program will be devoted to the establishment of the peace building network. The final product of the first six months of the project will be a civil society network assigned to the tasks of national reconciliation, peace building and genocide prevention.
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