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CIM TEAM On December - 26 - 2018

This year  “Days of interreligious  dialogue” were held in the week between December 17th  and 20, 2018. The event is organised for the third time and has gathered more than 280 people from  Sanski Most and surrounding municipalities. Traditionally, interreligious dialogue has been organized trough activity “Coffee with Interreligious council” with religious leaders of three different confessions present in Sanski Most. On this occasion the participants had a chance to hear about peace, coexistence and tolerance from the aspect of different religions.

The members of Interreligious council, Mirza ef. Žerić, Fr. Ivica Marić and Alen Marić, proponent, held a lecture on the subject of “What can I, as a believer, do in my society” from the aspect of three different religions.

During “Days of interreligious  dialogue” we organised  a lecture on the subject “The Relation of Muhammad a.s. towards another and different “. This lecture was held for citizens, youth, educators, students and religious leaders by Elvir Duranović from the Institute for the Islamic Tradition of the Bosniaks.

We finished “Days of interreligious  dialogue” with a Christmas concert. The participants of „Christmas concert” were Inter-religious choir “Harmony”, children’s choir “Melody”, folklore society “Osman Džafić” from Prijedor, CIM’s theater “Life” with its performance “Christmas story” and elementary and middle school students from music schools. After the official part of the program, the Peacebuilding Center organized a presents for the youngest guests of this event.

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