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CIM TEAM On March - 16 - 2018

Center for peace building implemened project where 31 professors from primary and high school had workshops on topic „Prevention of Genocide in Primary and High School.“

After workshops, center for peace building organised a competition in which students competed with literary and visual works, videos and photographs on the topic “Building Peace and Reconciliation, Tolerance and Dialogue among Youth”

The ceremony on the occasion of the completion of the project “Prevention of Genocide in Primary and High Schools Sanski Most” was held on March 13 at the Cinema Hall “Sana”.

The closing ceremony was attended by directors of ten schools from the area of the municipality of Sanski Most, three high schools and seven primary schools. On this occasion, certificates were given to 31 professors who conducted workshops with their students, a total of 985. Professors conducted workshops on nonviolent communication, identity, prejudices and stereotypes, active listening and a culture of peace. After that, prices were awarded to the winners.

This project was an important event for our community because we learned through it about international efforts to prevent human conflict and ways to stop genocide in the earliest stages.

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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