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CIM TEAM On August - 20 - 2014

In July we hosted our second Global Kids delegation in Sanski Most. The visit was part of a 10-month program aimed at learning about the impact of media in conflict and peacebuilding. 22 young people at the age of 15 to 18 from New York came to Bosnia to gain a further understanding of the conflict and ongoing problems in this country and to explore the influence they can have in dialogue and community building, especially by using social media. They met with local youth from Sanski Most and other nearby towns to exchange experiences and to work together on projects guided by GK and CIM staff dealing for example with racism, body image and child abuse.


After their stay in Sanski Most the American and Bosnian youth (42 participants in total) went to Sarajevo to present what they had worked on to members of the US Embassy. One boy from Sanski Most who participated in the program commented:

‘I didn’t like it. I loved it. I want to participate again next year and I cannot wait for another group of Americans to come.’

Global Kids, Inc. is an American organisation founded in 1989 that empowers young people to expand their knowledge and experiences to enable them to become leaders at the community and the international level. The organisation works primarily with students of diverse backgrounds from middle and high schools. They are encouraged to create change by learning about global issues, improving intercultural communication, critical thinking and problem-solving as well as developing skills in social action and digital media.

We hope we will be able to welcome another delegation from Global Kids next year!


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