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CIM TEAM On October - 16 - 2014

I am Léa Saugier, I come from a village in the French Southern Alps and I will be volunteer in CIM until August 2015.


I have a Bachelor degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Lyon 2 and I am now looking forward to know the world and myself better to be able to choose the best option for my Master degree.


I like humor, cartoons, comics, skiing, mountains and I draw and play music a bit, and I am interested in geopolitics and human relations.


I came to Bosnia because I am interested in the all the Balkan Peninsula area in history, politics and culture, and because I would like to learn Bosnian.


So this year is for me the occasion to discover how is life going on in a small Bosnian town, what is peacebuilding in concrete terms and learn as much as possible about it. Also I want learn the language, which is the best Slavic language in my opinion and maybe how to cook baklava.

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One Response to " Introducing Léa, our new French EVS Volunteer "

  1. Danielle Saugier says:


    How is going life!!Sometimes very surprising..isn’it?
    So, you will have to cook baklava AND burek in april, are you ready?
    Culture and peace can’t be separated from good meats…

    See you soon!


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