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CIM TEAM On August - 16 - 2017

My name is Elvira Adzikic  and coming from Brcko, a town in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated journalism and worked for almost two years as a journalist in Brcko. Three months ago I became a regional coordinator for Center for Peacebuilding’s National Reconciliation and Peacebuilding Program.

Since High School I volunteered at PRONI Centre for youth development where I got my non formal education and build certain skills and gain knowledge. Through participation in many projects where I worked directly with people of different ethnic, national, religious and socio-economic backgrounds I consider myself as a very communicative and empathetic as well as the curious and very accessible person.

In 2011, I attended the peace camp organized by CIM and since then I have been actively engaged in peacebuilding and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For me peacebuilding is erasing the boundaries between people, and building society where we celebrate our differences as our greatest wealth.

I like to travel and meet people. I consider myself as a person who is open to new challenges and who through every new situation learns something new.

My two great passions are books and animals. I fell in love with books since I learned to read and I love discovering worlds that are hidden in them. Every day I find time to read at least a few pages. Since childhood I love animals, not just cats and dogs, I love all of them and I try to help them as much as I can.

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