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CIM TEAM On January - 10 - 2012

Dear Friends,

In the short history of Center for Peacebuiling (CIM), 2011 represented an important step toward realizing our goals.  For the first time ever we can say that our mission and work at CIM has been recognised both internationally and – perhaps more importantly – locally.
This past November I won the Threshold Foundation’s 5th Bremen Peace Award, rewarding the hard work we’ve spend cultivating CIM’s principles and values, CIM’s missions and activities, and CIM’s activists and supporters.  For me, I value this prize most as a reminder and encouragement as we pursue our path toward Peace. I sincerely wish you all could have been in Bremen with me to accept the award, because this recognition belongs to all of us.

At the local level another big step was made in 2011: For the first time, CIM’s staff was officially invited to the Mayor’s office for an interview.  During this meeting, the Mayor recognized our efforts to promote Sanski Most as a city of Peace and contribute to positive changes within our local society. In addition, the Mayor also committed the Sanski Most Municipality to supporting CIM’s activities in the coming year, particularly our annual International Peace Week, which was so successful in 2011.  With the assistance of The Municipality, we will also find adequate land on which we will eventually build our permanent Peace Embassy.  As you can imagine, gaining the recognition and support of our own government officials is a landmark victory for CIM.  Slowly but surely our activities and initiatives are reaching the local population and gaining attention from Sanski Most decision makers. To me, this step forward is worth just as much as an international award.

For these reasons we aim to continue diversifying our activities in 2012. Our newest project will be an international and interreligious choir, which will be composed of local and international volunteers, as well as any other person interested in joining. Members will perform songs from all over the world and different religious traditions. In addition, the New Revolutionary Truth Healing Reconciliation Community project is about to be initiated. During this project we will organize public discussion sessions in Sanski Most for individuals to share their personal stories and, over time, heal wounds from the past. Moreover, this year we will accept even more participants to take part in our annual Peace Camp so as to create a larger, stronger network of peacebuilders throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally, I am excited to announce the launch of our Peace Ambassador programme. Wherever you live you can help us by organizing fundraising events to support CIM’s action, and by being a beacon of peace in your own communities. Creativity and dynamism are the only skills required to become a CIM’s Peace Ambassador.

I wish you the best for 2012 – may your path along this year be peaceful and caring.  Thank you for your great support.

Peace and Love,

Vahidin Omanovic

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  1. djermana says:

    Svaka cast drug. Samo hrabro naprijed. Sana je sretna sto te ima.

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