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CIM TEAM On October - 17 - 2019

A two-day activity called “Paths of Peace and Friendship” by members of the Velika Kladuša team, participants of the Peace Camp and Caravan held in July this year, was completed on the 13th October

During the first day, through a series of workshops, participants got to know each other better by talking about fears and expectations, and personal preferences and desires in communication.
Talking to CIM directors, Vahidin and Mevludin, they learned what their path of peace building looked like, but also what motivated them to persevere and successfully run an NGO for 15 years.

The participants also attended the play “I Have a Dream …” which was held at the Alternative Cultural Center.
In addition, they participated in workshops organized by activists of the drug addiction prevention association ”Narko-Ne”.
The other day, the participants indulged in creativity and drew graffiti with CIM’s motto “Our Path is Peace”.
Printed peace messages and pasted them on message boards in the town.

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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