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CIM TEAM On May - 25 - 2017

1eaed31c75082b1f03fe03e36c99484a_XL554 years ago on the Milodraž Field, near Kiseljak, Sultan Mehmed El-Fatih delivered to Anđeo Zvizdović, a Franciscan friar,  the Ahdname of Milodraž ,  the promise of the freedom of religion to Bosnian people following the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia.

On that occasion in Kiseljak was held a scientific meeting on 25 May with the aim of presenting the time in which Ahdname was presented, pointing to the importance of preserving multireligious Bosnia, and calling for respect for the freedom of faith and building of coexistence in our country.

The Peacebuilding Center participated in the conference titled “Multireligious Bosnia, Ahdname and Contemporary Contexts”.

This gathering brought together several prominent exhibitors and academics such as prof. Dr. Enver Imamović, prof. Dr. Ivo Komšić, Dr. Sedad Bešlija, Dr. Dževada Šuško. Also, at the scientific gathering were also Dr. Yildirim Aganoglu of the Ottoman State Archives in Istanbul, and the Guardians Fra Miro Relota and Curator Fra Janko Ljubos of the Fojnica Monastery.

The CIM’s program director, Mevludin Rahmanović, attended the meeting and talked about  “Building a Coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The Peacebuilding Center is the only non-governmental organization that has been invited to present its views and experiences in the work on peace and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

19264829_10156208340738521_1596698315_n (1)In addition to Rahmanovic, three new CIM peacekeepers addressed the audience and shared their views on why peacebuilding was needed and why they chose it as their call in life.

After the meeting, the participants of the scientific gathering visited the site of the Bosnian King’s summer court and the place of delivery of Ahdname to fra Angelo Zvizdović by Mehmed al-Fatih, and attended the ceremony of proclaiming the best works of colonial art, bearing the name “Traces Testify to Our Existence”  which was  a part of the “Ahdname Messages” event.

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