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CIM TEAM On April - 7 - 2016

Slowly but surely, the volunteer office is filling up with new faces.

Today we introduce Oliver Rogić, our new longterm volunteer who came from Germany to Sanski Most. He worked the last months in his sending organization Friedenskreis-Halle e.V (literally translated Peacecircle), helping them engage with peace in many ways. For example, he accompanied those from Bosnia who came to volunteer with Friedenskreis-Halle e.V. After traveling to Bosnia, he was very eager to start his service in Sanski Most.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.21.47 PM

Oliver at Tara Canyon

In the year ahead Oliver will host a Deutschkurs, help around the CIM office, submit applications and facilitate communication in the German language.

Oliver studied Political Sciences and Philosophy and was active in different groups, all of which had the common aim to change the circumstances we have to life in and make the world a more comfortable place for all. If you want to know about the political system, antifascist struggle, and/or environmentalism in Germany, feel free to ask him. He has some stories to tell!

In his free time he likes to hike, fish, read, and binge-watch series.

It is not Oliver’s first time in Bosnia: he has family in Banja Luka, and speaks the language a little bit. Feel free to talk to him in B/H/S but do it slowly 😉

Welcome to Sanski Most, Oliver!

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