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CIM TEAM On August - 23 - 2017

Center for peacebuilding inter-religious and multi-ethnic choir “Harmony” travels to Macedonia tonight where they will take part in Ohrid Choir Festival, the biggest choral event in south-east Europe.

The invitation to participate in this festival represents a great recognition to the work and effort of our choir.
The Harmony will perform in the revue of the festival and will be presented with performances of sevdalinka and traditional songs of different traditions in BiH.

Ohrid will be the spot where the joy of singing together will be celebrated because more than 20 choirs are invited to participate.

The Festival that starts tomorrow 24th of August and ends on August 28th, is going to be held in the beautiful ambient in the Diamond hall of the Hotel Gorica and St. Cyril and Methodius Church.

Since members of the choir have been practicing songs for this performance on a daily basis for the past month, we do not doubt that they will present us in the best way and will make us proud, as they have been doing for many years.

We wish them safe trip to Macedonia and to come back with a lot of nice memories.

Centar for Peacebuilding has been supported by international and local friends. We thank you for opportunity to present BIH in this international event.

Harmonija – Ohrid

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