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CIM TEAM On December - 2 - 2011

Anna-Lena Edelhoff is our new volunteer from Germany. She arrived on the 18th November and she is going to spend 6 months with CIM. Anna finished Highschool this summer at the age of 19 and she joined the “project peace” in September 2011.

Project peace is a peacebuilding project conducted in Germany, within this project about 20 young people work on fostering peace and reconciliation in various countries over the World. Anna is going to lead German lessons, help us in translations and provide something new in our services, music lessons for various instruments: cello, singing and guitar.

Also, she is going to lead creative workshops in which participants are going to learn how to make their own jewelry and how to neat scarfs, socks and hats, beside many other various workshop themes/activities. Anna’s music talents and positive personality will make CIM’s working days a lot happier and funnier.

If you would like to find more information about Anna’s project peace, please follow this link.

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  1. Sylvia Laumen says:

    Dear Anna-Lena,
    I wish, that you will have a wonderfull time in Sanski Most in CIM!
    Vahidin is a great teacher ….
    I am sure you will be a big support for CIM and the ongoing peace work in Bosnia. May the wounds of the last war heal soon….

    Love and peace

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