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CIM TEAM On September - 3 - 2017

Center for Peacebuildung has organized from 25th to 31st of August  its thirteenth Peace Camp. 25 young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina were participants of the camp we held on CIM’s Peace Farm (Garden of Opportunities) in Sanski Most.
This year’s Peace Camp was different from the previous ones, because besides the educational workshops led by CIM’s directors, together with our regional coordinators, it had a working part. This meant that the participants divided into groups worked on the arrangement of our Peace Farm, cleaning the garbage, destroying the harmful ambrosia, making an outside toilet, cleaning a part of the forest where they made a table and benches.

In the evening young people gathered around the bonfire where they sang songs of different traditions and got to know each other better.

The educational part involved workshops on identities, prejudices, stereotypes as well as peacebuilding and resources in our local communities that we need for our future peace activities. Our participants also learned about the cauncil, a method used in peacebuilding. This activity involved participants learning how to speak openly and listening to each other with no judgment or interruption.

Through work and socializing, participants slowly shattered the prejudices they had about others that are different from them.

The youth once again showed that they are for peace and reconciliation, that they do not see differences among themselves as something that should keep them apart but as something that they need to learn from each other. Regardless of their different backgrounds, they realized that there are a lot more of things that connect them than things that separate them.

The camp has encouraged many new ideas for future peace activities and we can proudly say that it was more than successful.





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