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CIM TEAM On October - 30 - 2017

From 17th to 20th of October directors of the Center for Peacebuilding, Vahidin Omanovic and Mevludin Rahmanovic, held Peacebuilding training in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

There were 15 participants who represented NGOs working with people affected by the war in the eastern part of Ukraine (IDPs, soldiers and their families, families who lost their loved ones in the war).

During the training, the participants worked on topics such as identities, prejudices, stereotypes, revenge circles and reconciliation. Future peacebuilders also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the council technique, the activity involved participants learning how to speak openly and listening to each other without any judgment or interruption.

“This training has helped me overcome my personal conflict and finish my ‘circle of reconciliation’. I analyzed a lot of things in my behavior and worldview in those four days. That has led me to a personal transformation. All the information, all the practical things Vahidin and Mevludin shared with us were backed up with personal experience and practices in their center for a peacebuilding”, said Olga Babakova, one of the participants.

“Our NGO is only getting started on its path of peacebuilding. I am very grateful that such qualified trainers have become our first mentors in this tough work. We definitely feel their support. I can say that this training has given us the power and willingness to spread peacebuilding within our community”, she added.

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