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CIM TEAM On June - 18 - 2017

19239875_10209787231503553_970966800_nI’m a 22 year-old french student coming from Grenoble, southern France. There I study a Master in International Cooperation, which specialy focuses on geopolitics and humanitarian action.

I am the president of the association of the master which organizes events such as conferences or debates about international solidarity and sustainable developement, what allows us to meet people working in this sector.

After finishing this master I hope to enter at Paris Sorbonne University to follow their Master in Peace and Conflicts Studies. As I want to specify in conflict resolution and peace building I’m particularly interested in post conflict areas and societies.

This is the reason why I will spend 2 mounths and a half in the center for peace building. I thus hope to learn a lot about Bosnian culture and history, and the way some people try to live better in harmony with the others, to live more peacefully their present and future. It also will be interesting for me to see the difficulties of such a choice. I personally enjoy hiking, backpacking, reading, and of course discovering new cultures and ways of living. As I really know little about the Balkans,

I’m really happy to spend the summer here !

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