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CIM TEAM On July - 21 - 2017

My name is Stefan Terzić. I was born during the war in Sarajevo, in September 1993.
After the end of civil war in Bosnia, I moved to small city Sokolac, not far from Sarajevo.
I finished my primary and high school in Sokolac and got back to Sarajevo to Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
I’m active in NGO sector for over eight years, but I started with peace building two years ago.
First, I was involved in big peacebuilding project PRO Future, where I met Mevludin and Vahidin, who inspired me to put my focus on peacebuilding. Today I feel that is something I can do it my whole life, I can’t call it a job because it’s way of living. My aim is to make Bosnia and Herzegovina better place for life, together with my team in CIM.
I have two passion in my life, first are computers, second is first aid. I also love football, books, and nature.

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Today, the Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) stands on the former frontlines of the war, acting as a bridge between a past that few can currently discuss and a future where open dialogue can rehumanize the enemy and dispel the misinformation that acts as the seeds for hatred.

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