Local Initiative in Bužim: Intercity Encounter

From the 18th August till the 20th August, our group from Bužim which participated in the Peace Training for Young people, organized a camp named ”Intercity Encounter”. The participants were Young people from 14 to 26 from all parts of the Krajina region.

The peace activity was planned as a concept of socializing and interactive learning among participants from Bužim and young people from other municipalities in Krajina. Through the workshops held on August 19th on the topic “Identity, Prejudice and Stereotypes”, young people had the opportunity to try to connect the participants and get to know their own and others’ identities. A visit to the city of Bužim was also organized, where one of the attractions of the mosques in Bužim is the oldest mosque in Europe.

A team building workshop was also organized to improve the work of teams with clearly defined goals that they want to achieve or measure during the project. The working part of the project involves theoretical (workshops) and practical work (through educational and motivational activities) to improve the functioning of the team.