From the 26th of June till the 4th of July, 25 Young people from 10 municipalities from Bosnia Herzegovina attented the seven-day long Peace Camp 2020 within the STaR project at CIM’s Peace Farm.

Young people from all around Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to listen and learn about topics and themes as identities, prejudices, stereotypes, nonviolent conflict resolution and more.

In the second part of the day participants had teambuilding activities at the Peace Farm where they together had the chance to make together a fireplace, clean the forest and enjoy our permaculturel garden and also they also helped us to maintain it with mulching and hoeing the garden.

We also showed participants the center of Sanski Most, they had the opportunity to hear historical stories and anecdotes about this City. Also we introduced to our participants the beauties of the City. We visited the two most touristic attractions and most visited places in Sanski Most, Waterfall Bliha and Bobijaško oko.

In the last two days at the Peace Camp, the participants were joined by the participants of the previous camps, and with Daniel Eror and Emina Frljak from Youth for Peace organization they worked together in planning local initiatives which participants will need to implement this summer in their communities.