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CIM TEAM On April - 21 - 2020

After closing of schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a measure of protection against the spread of COVID-19, students of all levels of eduaction were obligated to learn online via Zoom application or to watch educational TV program.

Considering the fact that there are families with more than one child and with lower income or even families without any revenues, many children have not the necessary equipment to follow the education lessons.

To address this problem, Center for Peacebuilding has made an action called #stayconnected as a part of the ”Give equipment for online teaching” campaign to provide supplies for children in the local community. To identify these children CIM has worked with the local schools.

”In this emergency situation it is our obligation to give those children more resources to normalize these circumstances. We are aware how this stressful situation affects them and, in this way, want to mitigate the risk factors.”

In the link bellow we are giving you the link to our Global Giving page of our #stayconnected action. We hope you can help us to provide every child with necessary equipment to follow their online teaching.

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