Truth, Healing and Reconciliation

Commission for Truth, Healing and Reconciliation

The Truth Healing and Reconciliation in Community project aims to bring together community members who are ready to reflect on and process their past. Through sharing wartime traumas with the community, this project will establish a record of individual/personal truths from that period, prevent the creation of nationalist myths from the last war, promote personal and interpersonal healing, and help Bosnians and Herzegovinians to begin the process of internal and external reconciliation.

Through the project adult individuals and the communities they live in will begin to openly discuss the past, their feelings then and now, and start to process their traumas. In this way we can set foundations for interpersonal relationships, regardless of ethnicity, to be rebuilt through mutual understanding and sympathy because of sharing experiences from the war.

The public storytelling sessions usually take place in CIM, they are advertised in the community, and locals come to listen to them. We video record all the stories, and disseminate the information through our networks.