Training for Trainers – #STaRBiH

From the 8th till the 16th of August Center for Peacebuilding has organised a Training for Trainers for the Peace Camp participants from the #STaRBiH project.

Our participants learned about the design and implementation of workshops and in the coming days they had the opportunity to lead workshops independently which themes were: identities, prejudices and steretypes, peacebuilding, faciliation of dialogue and a lot of more.

Since CIM is planing on organising an event for all our Peace Camp and Caravan participants, we were making a design of which activities and workshops our Trainers will be doing on the Retreat.

The afternoon time of the ToT was for the teambuilding activities such as playing volleyball, making an Instagram wall for taking pictures, and also working in the garden where our participants showed a lot of team work and helping each other in every situation.