Local Initiative in Velika Kladuša: Krajina Encounter

As part of the activity “Krajina encounter 2019” organized by Bakir Durakovic, one of our participants in the Peace Training for Young people, on the First of August two activities were held, aimed at building peace and breaking prejudices between the young people of Bužim and Velika Kladuša. The first activity was a two-hour workshop that was held at the premises of the DOM organisation in Velika Kladuša. Here, participants were guided through a series of exercises.

After lunch, the second activity began, a tour of the cultural and historical heritage of Velika Kladuša; the participants made their way to the unfinished monument of Muje Hrnjica , where the author of this masterpiece, Zlatko Dizdarević, gave a short lecture and explained to the attendees, from the very making of the statue, to the problems encountered today.

The next stop was the Old Town, where attendees toured this building; fort and tower. At this historic site, the organizers addressed the audience and took them through the geographical, historical, political and economic facts of Velika Kladuša.

The 19 participants got to know each other in an interactive way and using active listening methods. They have acquired a basic knowledge of identities and their importance to the individual and the concept of peacebuilding. They became aware of possible prejudices and stereotypes and realized their negative impact and their consequences. They discovered commonalities, but also different ones that make them unique.

During the second activity, participants from the area of Velika Kladuša and Bužim gained knowledge about the historical and geographical context of Velika Kladuša by visiting its sights and tourist attractions.