Retreat – STaR Project

In order to celebrate CIM’s 11th International Peace Week, Center for Peacebuilding organized a programe called Retreat within the STaR project (Societal Transformation and Reconciliation) where where a series of activities took place between 16th and 22nd September.

The Retreat was attended by participants of the Peace camps and caravans, all young peacebuilders who participated in local initiatives of the Peace camp participants, as well as those who wanted to network and socially with youth from different areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trainers who participated in the Training for Trainers and prepared their workshops for this event in those days had the opportunity to implement their workshops. Most of the workshops were creative and they were also preparing different things to present for the International Peace Day.

Participants had the opportunity to participate in different workshops : Foodology – toghether with the trainers participants prepared and made food for celebrating the International Peace Day, Peacebook – in this workshop they had the opportunity to learn about methods and techniques of photography, and making insta frame and memes and also at the final day they presented their work called Peacebook with photos and descriptions of all members which were involved at the Retreat program. For the Peace day there were also groups for the CIM’s Peace Games and the Peace Monument where participants with the trainers prepared fun games and the First monument at the Peace Farm. There were also workshops about Storytelling and Verse-Peaceology.