CIM’s Theater “Life”

Acting School

CIM’s Theater “Life” operates as part of the activities of the Center for Peacebuilding. The director of the theater is Timka Omanovic. Participants of the theater are from 6 to 12 years. The theater has been in operation for three years, in April 2020 it will be 4 years since it was founded. Each year, the participants prepare a longer theater piece that premieres on the occasion (April, May). In 2019, we were preparing the drama “He was ashamed of his mother,” by Ivan Cankar. The play premiered at the Cinema Sana in Sanski Most and then as part of programs prepared by members of the Sanski Most Islamic Community in front of the Hamzibeg Mosque. During the International Peace Week, in September of 2019, this play was again performed at CIM’s Garden of Opportunities.

As every year, the theater ended 2019 with a New Year’s performance where theater attendees performed with several New Year’s recitals, two plays (Can I ‘, Hanko, spend the night; A cure for heart) and two sevdalinka accompanied by an accordion. Since September 2019, the theater has started preparing a new play for which the screenplay and direction have been prepared by Timka Omanović. The name of the play is “Stay Here”. We will find that the play is comical, but it carries a strong message with the aim of staying in its home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This play will premiere in the spring.