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Establishing places where people have the possibility to meet and learn from each other, regardless of their perceived differences, is the main task of our Organization as we journey towards a more peaceful world. Therefore, all of CIM’s activities are built on the core concepts of mutual listening, understanding, and compassion through (re)building relationships.
Through our “Garden of Opportunities” initiative, we want to establish a permanent place in rural Sanski Most for people to meet and learn from each other in the contexts of environmentalism, applied sustainability, and agriculture.
Faced with the agricultural problems rooted in the symptoms of climate change—like harsher weather and heavier rain followed by longer dry seasons—the decay of rural infrastructure since the war, and ultimately the lack of societal appreciation, more and more people are leaving the Bosnian countryside or Bosnia and Herzegovina altogether.
In our “Garden of Opportunities” we will develop, apply and promote approaches wrestling with these general problems. We plan to implement low-tech DIY solutions and appropriate technology, organic farming and methods of permaculture, and raising environmental issues by fostering micro-sustainability and soft tourism. The general aim of these actions is to empower the rural population of Bosnia to stay and live an economically secure life.
We want to include the local community to join in as well as international volunteers, allowing the local community to meet and interact with the international, allowing local farmers to be reinvigorated by international appreciation of life in a rural area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There will be opportunities to fulfill a need for art and culture, with more diversity and life encouraging youth to stay in Bosnia instead of seeking the vitality of another European country.

How can you get involved? There are many ways!

The beneficiaries of this project are many and various: from elderly people living in the village to kindergarden groups from the city center. The reach of CIM’s ongoing work will be extended, with the “Garden” acting as a permanent place to gather and engage outside of the city. Over time the “Garden of Opportunities” will become a fully-functional farm and a generator of a reliable income, while remaining a place of learning and experimenting for all.
We are very excited about this idea, and hope that you may be as well. Please feel free to ask for more detailed information. You can reach us by mail at the following link.