Volunteer Club

CIM Volunteers

The volunteers of the Center for Peacebuilding participated in numerous projects and activities . They participated in the REgeneracija project, one of the Center for Peacebuilding’s partner organizations. Our volunteers received a grant for the project, and together with the youth from Drvar they participated in workshops and other activities related to the breaking of stereotypes and prejudices. As the final activity of the REgeneracija project, the primer of a documentary filmed in Sanski Most and Drvar was organized. Our volunteers also participated in a project called Una-Sana Connect implemented by ”Udruženje građana Novi Grad.” As part of this project, our volunteers worked with children with developmental difficulties and shared presents for Christmas and the New Year.

In 2018, CIM volunteers participated in a traditional youth festival that has been held for years in the German city of Hamm. The festival is attended by young people from cities that are in friendly relations with Hamm, including Sanski Most. Our volunteers participated in creative workshops for graphite production as well as dance and music workshops. This year, CIM volunteers were given the opportunity to arrange a classroom in the public school “Gymnasium” in Sanski Most with the support of the German foundation “Schuler helfen Leben” and the Municipality of Sanski Most. 

As part of “Interreligious Dialogue Days,” our volunteers, together with CIM directors, held a meeting with these high school students and introduced them to the concepts of volunteering and activism. 

Our volunteers helped out with the garden at the farm, where we all together sowed various vegetables.

We also had a event called Coffee for Peace, where all Youth from Sanski Most was invited and also most of them joined as new member of the Volunteer Club.