Harmonija Interreligious Choir

The inter-religious and multi-ethnic choir “Harmony” was established in February 2012. It operates within the Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most. At the beginning there were 15 members, many of whom are still members of the choir. This mixed choir currently has around 30 to 40 members of different ages, and it is not uncommon for both parents and their children to be members.

The post-war environment made it difficult for musicians to perform the music that they wanted, and creating a new the music of all regions, nations and religions was the motive for starting this choir. At first they performed simple compositions with instrumental accompaniment because members did not have prior choral experience, but today they can perform four-part, acapella compositions.

The choir performes primarily sevdalinke, a specialty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, pop songs arranged for choral performance, songs of world literature (Spanish, American, French, Macedonian), and spiritual music of all peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spiritual music is performed to complement and celebrate religious holidays. For example, they held three Christmas concerts so far, two of them in the Church and one in the Hall, and they also performed for Ramadan and as a part of Eid concerts. They regularly perform popular music as a way to maintain young members, as a significant part of the choir consists of youth.

The local community mainly has positive views of the choir. It has the support of religious communities, with whose help the choir survives and prospers. Today, after three years, it is hard to imagine a significant event in town at which the choir “Harmony“ does not participate.

For the past two years, the choir has participated in the „Festival of Choirs,“ with contestants from across all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has even made one appearance in Croatia. The choir has practice twice a week, led by conductor Professor Alma Karabeg. The choir hopes to continue performing beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A grand choir event will take place on the 11th of April, where 9 mixed and female choirs from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, including „Harmony“, will participate.