Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Trauma Healing with Cranio-Sacral Therapy

In Sanski Most, a large portion of the local population experienced trauma during the Bosnian War from 1992-1995. This trauma has a profound effect on victims lives both psychologically and physically. In this context, CIM therapists use Cranio Sacral Therapy to help patients relieve traumatic stress and its psychological and physical side effects.

In collaboration with the Swiss NGO “Baklava”, CIM organized a 3 year education program in Cranio Sacral therapy in 2004. Since 2004, five therapists completed the education taught by Annalis Prendina, Cranialist and Cranio-sacral teacher from Zurich, Switzerland. Annalis Prendina offered more than 250 therapy sessions to people from Sanski Most, Prijedor, and other towns in the region, and CIM’s trained staff has offered free Cranio-sacral therapy sessions to over 1,000 patients in the last 7 years.