Local Initiative in Cazin: Youth Trip and Scoializing

On the 31st August, Irfan Aldžić, an Imam and one of our participants in the Peace Training for Young people, implemented a field trip and a day of socializing for Young people from Cazin. With the presence of 18 young people, the first activity was held to discuss the needs and problems of the youth they face in the territory. What has been identified by young people as the biggest problem is the lack of work, as well as low income, and then the lack of joint youth clubs and organizations where young people can develop and further strengthen their skills.

The second activity was a team-building workshop where the youth spoke with the trainer on the topic of organization, as work within a group. Each of the youth individually cited some people in the group, which helped them to understand how to organize the group and the group positions properly. At the end the Young people had a barbecue where they had the oppurtunity to Know better each other and connect.