Peace Training for Youth

In the period from June 21st to June 27th, the youth from Bihać, Cazin, Velika Kladusa, Bužim and Bosanska Krupa took part in the Peace Training organized by Center for Peacebuilding.

Peace training for youth is one of the activities of the project “Building local capacities for peace in the Krajina”, which is being implemented within the BHRI program.

The Peace training was held at the CIM’s “Garden of Opportunities”, and young people, besides socializing and getting acquainted, had the opportunity to learn about identity, conflict resolution, peace building and reconciliation.

Some of the things they learned, which, in the continuation of this project, will be able and practical to apply after returning to their local communities are: youth activism, changes that they want to see in their community, concrete steps towards change.

Upon completing the Peace Training, in the coming months, participants will have the means at their disposal to implement peace initiatives to make positive changes in their communities.