Presentation of the Bosnian Atlas of the War Crimes 1992-1995

Today, the “Presentation of the Bosnian Atlas of War Crimes 1992-1995” was organized at the Hotel Asi, organized by the Research and Documentation Center (IDC) from Sarajevo, The Network for Peacebuilding, Center for Peacebuilding and Forum ZFD BiH.

The presentation was led by Mirsad Tokača, director of the Research and Documentation Center, after which Goran Bubalo from the The Network for Peacebuilding and Mevludin Rahmanović from Center for Peacebuilding addressed.

The Presentation of the Bosnian Atlas of War Crimes 1992-1995. in Sanski Most is part of a series of presentations organized this year in Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo, continuing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What makes the Bosnian Atlas of War Crimes special is the fact that events and locations are not only accurately marked on the map (ie located in specific streets or fields), but all additional documents available at this time are available to illustrate what happened – e.g. photographs and videos, court judgments, witness statements, memorials or cemeteries. Moreover, mass grave sites (wherever bodies are identified) are linked to the victims list obtained from the IDC database. Additionally, the option to search all victims and incidents by providing a last name or place name (for events) is provided.